Our Dances S-Z

Onze dansen vanaf 1999 t/m 2012

San Antonio Baby      video
San Francisco       video
Say Hey Love
Sea Salt Sally      video
Second Chance
Seeing Double
Shaka Samba
Shaking That Boogie
Shame On Me
Shaping Up
She Don’t Love You
She’s Gone
Shoot The Rooster
Show Her Your Care
Show Me Your Body
Side By Side
Siempre Cha Cha
Silver & Gold
 Simbolo        video
Simply Mambo
Sin City Swing    
Sing Along Rumba    
Smooth Operator
Solo Humano
Some Beach
Some Kind Of Wonderful    video
Southern Delight
Speak To The Sky
Speak With Your Heart
Spirit In The Sky
Splish Splash
Squeeze Me In
Stars In Your Eyes      filmpje
 Still Waters    video

Stitch It Up
Stop It !
Stormy Weather
Straighten Up
Stuck A While
Sugar Candy    video
Sugar & Pai
Summer Lovin’
Sundown Waltz
Sure Thing
Sweet Addiction
Sweet Nothings
Swingin’ Doors    video
Syncopated Rhythm

T-bone Shuffle
Take A Breather
Take Me Shake Me      video
Talk To Me 
Teach Me To Dance
Ten out of 10       video

The Break
The Flute     video
The Gravy
The Hamster Dance
The Huckle Buck
The King & I
The Lazy Dance     video
The Lion Sleeps
The Promise
The Real World
The Ride
The Trail
This Is Us
Ticket To Heaven
Time To Play      video
Timeless Cha
Toes               filmpje
Too Much
Too Much Candy
Trust Me

U Can
U Turn          video
Under The Sun
Unpredictable      video      
 Until The End
Up Country
Urban Grace

Vertical Expression
Viva La Fiësta

Walking In The Rain     –  video 
Walla Walla Bing Bang
Waltzin’ With Crazy Blue Eyes
Wam Bam-A-Lam
Wanna Be Elvis       video
Wanna Be Me
Watch Me Now
Watching You
Wave On Wave
West Coast Shuffle
What Can I Do
What Do You See      
Whippy’s Call
Whiskey In The Jar
Whiter Than White     video 
Who Did You Call Darling
Whole Again
Will You Love Me
Wishfull Thinking
Wonderfull One
World Of Blue
Would You Go With Me
Wounded Pride
Wrong Night

X-cuse Me

Yes It Is
Yolanda   video
You’re My Destiny
You’re My Sunshine